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Specialist Private Guided Trekking Tours in Morocco

We are a Morocco based friendly family run company who specialize in providing:

  • Value for money tours.
  • A trek in southern Morocco for all levels and all tastes.
  • Distinctive Private Tailored guided Tours.
  • Trekking in High Atlas, Desert and Berber villages


All year round tours are available and of any duration :

  • For Individuals , Families and Groups of any size - Trekking all year round.


We also offer:

  • Day and Half Day Tours in Imlil and High Atlas from Marrakech
  • Trekking Tours with a focus on the Culture and Heritage of our Destinations
  • Feature Special Interest and Activity Tours in south of Morocco
  • The coaching and knowledge of qualified mountain guides to discover the riches of Morocco.
  • Tour Packages for Independent Travellers in High Atlas
  • Multi Destination Tours to discover any combination of our four host Areas
  • Small trekking trails accessible to all, even children, they offer walks and treks from 1 to 5 hours to see waterfalls, streams, volcanic landscapes and panoramas in all Morocco ...
  • Ladies Only and Senior Citizen Tours
  • Tour Packages for Any Specific Client Programmes/Requests
Our team:
 will make you discover the south of Morocco in full safety as you wish it. With our knowledge of the natural environment and the local culture, we will assure you a perfect immersion in the heart of these parks and the diversity of its areas and the local population.

You will see smooth the secret life of the nation in all facets Atlas Mountains.

Trekking for physical condition supports more people to become actually active in their local communities.


Route options:

The Atlas mountains from one of the world's great trekking ranges. Here one finds diversity and challenge, beauty and adventure. But the route trekking you decide to pursue will depend on a number of factors: The season and your level of fitness will affect your choice; so, too, will your particular reasons for trekking in the Morocco Atlas mountains. If you want to reach the roof of North Africa, make for Toubkal; if you want to drink tea in the ancient Berber village go to trekking in the green valleys in the south of Morocco. Trekkers hoping to find solitude will meet few other travellers on the ascent to Jbel Sirwa while the Sahro region offers striking landscapes and isolated communities.

Trekking Morocco Tours: tour Atlas, desert, valley and Berber Villages



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